Free intenet in Arco

Hello, I am in Arco for a 5 days, and below some report about free internet.
There are some set of pseudo free internet wi-fi points:
1. Is the IFSC Luna3 wifi network. It has several points in the center of Arco. Also I found that it works in camping “Arco”. Seating in the camping cafe just connect to a Trentino hot spot and select “free luna”. Activation of free “Luna” account is free for italian SIM card owners. In this case they send you some secret info to your mobile phone (probably login and password), and after some formal steps (forms, agreements, etc.) you can use the internet for free.
If you have not italian phone number you must pay 1 euro by VISA or by a PayPal. After that you must also fill some forms and say “yes” to some legacy agreements, and then you’ll got free internet account. So thats why I said “pseudo free”. It has download speed about 2 mbits and upload about 1 mbit. And it has pings about 20-30 ms to a google sites and about 70-80 ms to a russian sites.
2. The second is a “cafetrentino” internet account. Cafe Trentino is located in the center of Arco near the church. By now (august, 2011) account costs for a 0.5 euro (yes, 50 euro cents). All you need is to ask cafe waiter for an internet, and pay for a 50 cents. Ah.. you also must present you passport info. This spot has longer pings than luna and slower speed (0.5-1.5 mbit for downloading)
3. My frends from Moscow said that there are free internet account at the end of central Arco street, in a cafe that sounds like a “Cafe Pachio” (probably i fixed the name, when I seen how its wrotten properly). Here you need buy something and ask for a login and password. No additional payments.
4. In pizzeria “California” that placed between camping Arco and camping Zoo. I never test it but it seems that here you should also buy something and ask for internet login and password.

some more?
I am not tested but there are non-free internet in Arco camping. It costs 5 euro per 10 hours. You may use it by the parts as long as you need.
There are some secured wifi points like a “vodafone” but I know nothing about them.
Thats all I know about the internet in Arco by now. If you know more your comments are welcome here 😉

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